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pray for japan

Ganbare nippon

Ganbare nippon

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Help Japan Tees Help Japan! Help Japan Teesは日本を応援しています!

All proceeds go straight to the Japan Red Cross and Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support.
We have all kinds of t-shirts (adults, kids and dog sizes!), totes, art prints, bottons, magnets, note cards, "Thank You" cards, and even ornaments. Please spread the word!


➜ SHIRTS & BUTTONS (Fullfilled by Spreadshirt)

➜ TOTES, DOG SHIRTS, CARDS & MORE! (fullfilled by CafePress)

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

➜ ART PRINTS (fullfilled by NanaNishigaki.com)

Pray for Japan
SPECIAL Animalife:
Pray for Japan
SPECIAL Animalife:
Ganbare Nippon!


HelpJapanTees.com is a fundraiser store for Japan set up and run by me (Nana), a girl from Tokyo living in Minneapolis. Proceeds from HelpJapanTees will benefit the Japan Red Cross and Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support.

All the shirts (seriously awesome styles and colors in a big range of sizes) and buttons (pin 'em on your bags and give some away!) are fulfilled by Spreadshirt. I chose them because of the vast selection of sizes and colors I could offer, and the lower base cost of the items (= more money for Japan). Their shirt printing quality is also a lot higher than other vendors.

The totes, dog shirts, greeting cards, and magnets are fulfilled by CafePress. I wish I could've kept everything in one place, but Spreadshirt didn't let me print on the above items or didn't have them available. The totes are super popular and has designs on both sides!

The art prints are made and signed by me at our studio. I pack and ship them myself.

Note: Updating to this site caused the *hundreds* of Facebook "Likes" to disappear. Super annoying, and apologies to everyone who "Liked" it before!

About Nana

NN and MPI'm from Tokyo! I've spent about equal time between Japan and the US, although the US part is starting to get longer these days. I play, work and eat in both languages. My current home is Minneapolis, where I live with Maisy Pancakes, a famous food thief. I run a little design firm called BNDH with my partner (Anthony), where a part of my work is US/Japan cross-cultural and language consulting. I'm also an illustrator and painter.

Since the triple devastation in Japan, I kept getting pummeled with heartbreaking news and please-don't-show-me-anymore kind of images that I was overwhelmed with hopelessness and despair. But what I saw—all the way from Minnesoooohta—in midst of the natural chaos, was the Japanese people's resilience and strength, collectively keeping order and sanity asnd hope. I felt so much history and culture and everything throwing-stars-amazing about Japan, all at once. The bad-assness of the Japanese people, along with the outpouring of generosity from abroad and within Japan, inspired me to do something instead of sitting around feeling sad while watching NHK on my laptop. I wanted to make something that might lift someone's spirits even a little...because it's good for us to smile and look at something cute!

Thank YouI initially drew the Pray for Japan picture just to use for my Facebook profile picture. Then, my supercool friends started to use it for their picture, and many shared it on their walls. I was so very humbled and happy to see what a little picture can do! Then, friends encouraged me to raise money with the drawings somehow. Now, I have a fundraiser store!

Thank you all for your support! Wear your Help Japan Tees proudly!


募金は日本赤十字社と地震津波動物救援へ送ります。 ご協力ありがとうございます!


Please send me pictures of yourselves (or your two- and four-legger friends) wearing your HelpJapanTees and buttons and using the totes so that I can add it to our photo gallery! By sending me the pictures, please know that you agree that the photos don't infringe any copyrights, allow me to size and crop as necessary and post the photos on the photo gallery.

Click here to email me. I'll try my best to respond as quickly as possible to any inquiries!